Monday, 19 January 2009

Another Clothes Exchange

Yup, I am holding another of those events where women get together, strip off their clothes and swap.... haha. Not really.
I'm sure people these days understand the concept of clothes swaps, since the popularity of such giggle fests are becoming increasingly popular.

The last one I held was December 4th 2008, unfortunately the student union double booked and the clothes swap got changed to a date that I was unable to do. I did cancel the event however I had to deal with so many disappointed persons that luckily SALT (my workplace) came to the rescue and said we could use upstairs. Phew. So I had to redo the posters and get them out just 5 days before the event. Luckily however we managed to attract 30 odd people, raising a total of £68 for WasteWatch.

Hopefully with better preparation and advertising we may make a little more for WasteWatch this time around.

I'm looking to get either an acoustic artists/band to provide some entertianment and shall think up some activities to get people chatting. I'm hoping this time there might be some cat fights for entertainment purposes. tehe.

If you'd like more information on the event visit online blog at:

or the facebook event :

*high five*

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