Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Textile Street Art

I've fallen in love.
I absolutely adore some of the textile street art that's going on at the moment.
This little movement of indie crafters is fab.
I like it so much I reallllllly want to learn to knit.
Although with my inability to concentrate long enough to learn how to, I'm tempted to have a go in a different way, maybe using sewn art work instead.
Here are some of my favourite images I've found and loved.

By Knit the City
I found it on google images and I just had to share this masterpiece. Check out the website (linked above) for more of their streetart.

BY Carol Hummel
Same again, check out more of Carol Hummels work, it's such so cute.

*high five*

Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Pop, Fizz, Whoo.

I've finally made more than just one of these ring pull, bottle cap brooches. I've made a range of colours and think they are pretty cool.

Many people have commented on the plain silver one I made, many hadn't realised till closer inspection of what it were made of which I thought was pretty neat.

They are now for sale on my artfire shop, please find them here.
Well anyway hope you like them.
*high five*

Monday, 3 August 2009

It's all just adequate

Some of my friends might remember just how much I used to love going to Adequate Seven gigs when they were around. I saw them a total of 24 times in about 2 and a half years in numerous places around the country. I always thought they were so much better live than recorded, they had so much energy and enthusiasm on stage which doesn't come across quite so well in recorded versions. As a result I'm really missing their shows infact live ska and punk in general.

I rarely go to gigs these days either because i'm working or it's bloody miles away and we have to travel for hours to get there and to get back. It's a shame as I really miss live music. I hope that when we move to Kent in septemeber Seb and I will start going to alot more gigs and start seeing other bands we enjoy more regularly. *fingers crossed*

Anyway that's all I've been thinking about.
*high five*