Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Bookmark it!

So long time no blog! I'm sorry life has been ever so hectic recently plus I've not had internet for over 6 months..... ah!
But I'm back and feeling chatty.

I made this bookmark for a friends birthday as I felt bad that she always folded the pages of her books. She says she uses it... but I'm still waiting for the evidence tehe. Any way I hope you like it, I know I did. I really didn't want to pass it on.

Feel free to ask for a how-to it you want... or just use the idea for inspiration.

*high fives*

Tuesday, 30 March 2010

The last few months...

WOW! Since moving to Kent everything has been pretty hectic. Life isn't so great and we've a list of problems the size Mt. Kilimanjaro but still we paddle onwards and put it all down to experience. The one benefit of living here though in this land of pretentious-ness has been that it has made us realise what we really don't want in life. Money means little to us (luckily we don't have any) and it's the simple things that make us both most happy.

As a result of working so much and having a distinct lack of inspiration here I have found I've not done a great deal of creating... boo, however this is one of my little gifts for my friend back in the land of the great... Wales. tehe.

She has recently developed an interest in gardening (which was a suprise when she's a bit of a princess but in a good way). So for her birthday present (which was in October but she didn't get it till January) I made her this little seed box with pegs to keep her seed packets tidy and organsied.

Unfortunatly it's a bad photo as I took it on my phone. But thought I'd share the idea anyway.

Hope you are well, keep rock'in.

*high five*