Saturday, 16 May 2009

Honest, it's not procrastination.

Why is it that I have lots of inspiration and ideas for things to make, just at the point in time when I'm NOT ALLOWED to make anything or distract myself from revision.
I've my final year exams tuesday and wednesday next week and of course I'm busy reading hundreds of journal articles, writing lots of information down and learning lots of facts. However I keep having all these fantastic ideas for things to make and how I can improve my jewellery etc etc. and I'm not allowed to write them down, make them or continue thinking about them.
Booo. O well I can make away come a week today as all my uni work is complete, all I'll have to do then is wait for the results and hope I graduate with the 2:1 I'd really like. Yay.

*fingers crossed*

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  1. good luck in your exams and welcome to the club - of people who have never ending lists of "must-make by hand!