Monday, 3 August 2009

It's all just adequate

Some of my friends might remember just how much I used to love going to Adequate Seven gigs when they were around. I saw them a total of 24 times in about 2 and a half years in numerous places around the country. I always thought they were so much better live than recorded, they had so much energy and enthusiasm on stage which doesn't come across quite so well in recorded versions. As a result I'm really missing their shows infact live ska and punk in general.

I rarely go to gigs these days either because i'm working or it's bloody miles away and we have to travel for hours to get there and to get back. It's a shame as I really miss live music. I hope that when we move to Kent in septemeber Seb and I will start going to alot more gigs and start seeing other bands we enjoy more regularly. *fingers crossed*

Anyway that's all I've been thinking about.
*high five*

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