Monday, 15 June 2009


Well I've finally finished my degree and I'm just waiting to get the results and graduate this July. I'm really excited but a tad scared about the future.
Anyway it's time I start crafting again, the only problem is I've been accumulating bits for crafting over the past few months and now I've a great deal of 'stuff' which I need to organise before I can feel truely comfortable enough to get down to some hardcore crafting.
I've been sorting my buttons in to relatively colour coded jars, darks in one, bright colours in another, whites in another and pastels in another. It really was quite relaxing. But now it's time for sorting my craft shelves and corner. AHHHHHH! It's real madness, I definately require a seperate room for crafting.

This is what I'd really love my crafting area to look like:

Little Miss Crafty has made such a beautiful craft area, I'd really like to transplant it into my own home.

But nope, I'd need a another room to ever make my crafting area look anything like that. So far it's just a mess of boxes, jars, tins, materials, findings and such composed around the living room whilst I attempt to sort it all.

Ahhhhh! Help! Any pointers would be very grateful, tehe.

*high five*

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  1. Ha brilliant, thanks but this is not just a craft room, I sleep in it too it is my bedroom ! all you need to do is spend a weekend sorting ALL your craft stuff out into types of stuff and throw away the rubbish then go to ikea and buy loads of jars and drawers etc and put it all away, it is such a brilliant feeling when it is all done ! :)