Thursday, 8 September 2011

Oh dear... but look butterflies.

Oh dear, I've been bad. I've not blogged for a wee while. Tut tut. But in my defence I've been adventuring.

I've had some lovely days out with Seb on his days off. We went to London this week, very nice. Seb had a course at the Royal Geographical Society with work and being the Geography Geek that I am, I just had to follow him. Although I was a little gutted that he got to visit the RGS before I did, he's the Historian, I'm the Geographer. Perhaps I will try to commandeer the Royal Historical Society. I'll dress like a pirate and steal the many archaeological finds and historical journals and sell them on the blackmarket.... or not.

Whilst in London we went to a butterfly house which is currently located outside the Natural History Museum. Wow, it was fascinating. We came across a type of butterfly with transparent wings, really beautiful, stain glass like but with out the colour panels. AMAZING! We also had the opportunity to see GIANT moth, it was gorgeous a yellow colour with a very large silk cacoon. They only live for around 5 days and they don't have organs to eat, so they survive on the energy they built up as caterpillars. Quite amazing really.

Despite being a little freaked out to begin with, what with hundreds of butterflies flying around. I soon fell in love with the beauties. I took a few sneaky photos but due to the humidity in the tent my phone packed in. Boo. Here are a few of my favourites.

If you happen to be in the area, I definitely recommend a visit to the butterfly house, you won't be disappointed and kids will LOVE it.

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