Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Note to self: Modge Podge Leaves

Hey the other week I decided I wanted to try and make a beautiful bowl out of the autumnal leaves in their array of fabulous colours after finding this Modge Podge Leaf tutorial over at Gingerbread Snowflakes blog. Well it didn't quite go to plan. But I learnt something I never would have learnt if I hadn't made the mistake... ONLY MODGE PODGE ONE SIDE OF THE LEAF AT A TIME! It just gets stuck to the surface and when you remove it takes the nice shiny glue coating off and many of the leaves will break. Obviously I should have read the instructions before carrying on with my attempt. And the bowl well I used clingfilm to stop it sticking to the glass bowl but instead it just meant I was unable to remove the clingfilm from the leaf bowl. Bad times. Now it just looks like this....
Shiny, cracked, weird? That's how I'd describe it now it's complete well sort of. I will try again next autumn since for now the leaves have lost their reds, purples, greens, yellows and are more of a brown. Never mind I know for next time and hopefully no-one else will make the same silly mistakes I made.

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