Tuesday, 9 August 2011

London Riots

Now I know this has nothing to do with crafting but it's a topic that is of deep concern to me. How can such a developed society justify the actions that have been experienced in London and small pockets around the rest of England? These selfish acts of violence and looting have been carried out with no regard for other people and the local community. The problems these actions will bring to so many already struggling families, couples, shops, business owners and communities, like they really need this in a time when everybody is finding it difficult to get by. The cuts affect most people in some way or another, but the rest of the country hasn't taken to looting and stealing from those around them, whilst destroying the local community and putting fear into the lives of ordinary people. Some people have lost their homes, their businesses and all so a minority of youths in the country can gain new possessions and live comfortably.

I saw a news report yesterday a women was telling the reporter about how she luckily escaped from her home but had to witness her possessions that she worked so hard for go up in flames, the only belongings she now has are those she had in her handbag. She had tears rolling down her face and you could see the anxiety and fear she was feeling through her body language and expressions, worst thing is she's not the only one; yet the riots continue!

Protests and riots in Africa are just about justifiable, people want democratic rights and freedom, here it's greed that has brought so much of this violence. When there are families in East Africa with just enough food, water and shelter to barely survive, how can people be out committing violent acts and looting just to get a better TV, mobile phone or even a bunch of flowers. Seriously what is wrong with society.

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