Sunday, 14 August 2011

Three things I love...

I've had a busy week this week with little time for crafting. Had a job application to complete (boring) and went to a festival which despite the bands we saw being amazing the festival itself was well a tad weird.

Here's the three things I love this week.
1. The Skints
Firstly this week I love a band called The Skints. Whilst the entire band are wonderfully talented I have to say that Marcia Richards is one phenomenal women when it comes to musical talent. She plays the Saxophone, Organ & Melodica as well as vocals, swapping between instruments throughout their sets. If you like reggae, ska or punk I'm sure you'll enjoy The Skints, check them out their Facebook here.

2. Homemade games
Next I love the idea of making your own games whatever your age. Great idea to keep kids entertained or for a bit of party fun. I like this one with the homemade bean bags made from the pockets of old jeans. Check out the how-to here. How cool would it be to get kids involved in painting their own snakes and ladders or building your own giant draughts set for parties. I can't wait to have kids now... although do I really need kids to create my own games?

3. DIY chalkboards
Lastly I love the idea of creating your own chalkboards, there are just so many possibilities. You just need chalkboard paint and your ready, how cool is that. These are just a few of my favourite ideas for DIY chalkboards.

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