Wednesday, 17 August 2011

One-day-she'll-be-my-sister-in-law Wedding Hair Dilemma

With my one-day-she'll-be-my-sister-in-law's wedding on Saturday she's still not sure on how to do her hair. She's doing her own hair and is looking for a romantic, vintage style.

I had my hair in a vintage kind of style today where you wrap your hair around a headband bit by bit until you have this beautiful roll. The original idea came from Maria from the LipstickDiaries in her tutorial for creating curls without heat, but I thought that if I left some space at the front and used a pretty lace headband which I made some weeks ago I'd could wear my hair like this during the day.

FYI: This photo was taken at recently at a festival, so please excuse the lack of make-up, clean hair and beer cans (not mine may I mention, I'm a cider drinker)

The style looks something like this at the front.

And this at the back as shown by ...loveMaegan

My one-day-she'll-be-my-sister-in-law said she wanted something similar, except without the headband. We had a search around the shops and found a 'sponge thing' for creating Hollywood rolls, but it was extortionately priced for what it was. So instead of writing job applications I've been playing around creating different hair styles to see what I can come up with that is similar but without the need for a hairband. Whilst looking for inspiration online I came across the Gibson Roll. It's vintage, it's stylish and well it's just delightfully romantic.

This was my first attempt (on myself) at the Gibson Roll/Tuck not sure which one I've managed to create by definition, but I quite like it. With a bit of practice I'm sure I could make it neat and tidy for the bride, however I also like the idea of wearing it in the classroom. It's easy to do yet stylish and practical.

Anyway, back to the point I'm on the search for romantic and vintage hair styles that are similar to those above, if anybody knows of any please feel free to leave a comment and point me in the right direction for images, blogs, tutorials etc. I'm sure the bride-to-be would be most appreciative.

*high five*

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